Emperor Jewellery X Joey Yung Heartbeat Collection

4th December, 2018

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Joey’s career in the music industry. Every time she recalls the aspirations with which she embarked on her career, Joey lights up the stage and delivers an electrifying performance. In teaming up with Emperor Jewellery to design the new Heartbeat Collection, she seeks to transform every heart-stirring moment in her journey as a music and performing artist into unique designs concepts, and instills them into exquisite jewellery pieces that illuminate her hard work over the years. The Heartbeat Collection also embodies Joey’s affection for her long-time fans, as she hopes to brighten up the spirit of those who strive for their dreams with enchanting diamond jewellery.

Emperor Jewellery’s Heartbeat Collection takes design inspiration from the thoughts and feelings in different phases of one’s life journey, evoking the passion, confidence, and strength to stride forward. This year, Emperor Jewellery has invited pop music diva Joey Yung, a consummate artist who embraces versatility and change, to design the latest Heartbeat Collection. The design concept revolves around the “aspirations” that drive one to embark on the journey towards their dreams, bringing new inspirations and surprises into the collection.

Joey’s heart-stirring moments…
In designing the Heartbeat Collection, Joey shares her heart-stirring moments: “I’m excited about my voyage into jewellery design. For the theme of the collection, I hope to capture the aspirations that prompt me to take the stage, and merge them with musical rhythm to create moments that stir the heart.” As a fashion icon, Joey also shares her tips for styling: “It is a versatile collection for elegant and trendy styles. For example, the tassel diamond earrings may be matched with a T-shirt or a trench coat for a striking style.”

Emperor Jewellery X Joey Yung Heartbeat Collection
Dazzling radiance in passionate moments Emperor Jewellery X Joey Yung Heartbeat Collection continues with the central design motif of the patterns on electrocardiograms, and merges it with musical rhythm to create the theme of the collection. Music lingers in the ears, as jewellery pleases the eyes. To transform ephemeral music into jewellery of lasting brilliance, Joey captures the music resounding in the ears in the audio signal design, turning a fleeting moment into eternity in this distinctive jewellery collection.

The Heartbeat Collection features white gold and diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings inspired by the audio signal design motif. The diamond tassel design is spotlighted in selected pieces, where the tassels of varying lengths sparkle with the wearer’s movement to reveal a captivating radiance. Dazzling in the sleek audio signal design, the diamond jewellery pieces may be worn in an intriguing mix-and-match to complement different fashion styles.

Source: Emperor Jewellery