Member Benefits

JY6 Members will receive...
  • A Membership Card
  • A Club T-Shirt
JY6 Members will enjoy...
  • Priority booking of concert tickets
  • Pre-ordering of Joey’s Official Merchandise
  • Priority access to Joey's functions
  • Exclusive access to JY6 gatherings with Joey


New Membership

$160 HKD

Per Year
  • Membership Card
  • Club T-Shirt
  • Memberships expire on 31st May each year regardless of join date

Membership Renewal

$100 HKD

Per Year
  • Renewals by 30th June each year or new membership fee will apply

Club T-Shirt Only

$120 HKD

  • Look after your T - this fee will be required for all replacements
  • No refunds once payment is complete.